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What is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meets today’s increase of demand for energy without the danger of expiration or depletion and can be used over and over again. Sustainable energy should be widely encouraged as it does not cause any harm to the environment and is available widely free of cost. All renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and ocean energy are sustainable as they are stable and available in plenty.

Types of sustainable energy


Solar energy is the best form of sustainable energy. This energy manifests itself in two forms. There is the light and the heat. Both of these forms are equally important to us in our day to day living and other forms of life. For instance, the plants need the light to grow and generate food while a man needs the heat energy to maintain body temperature and power their homes and industries. This means that it is the greatest form of sustainable energy.


There is a massive size of oceans in this world. About 70% of the earth is covered with water. The potential that ocean energy has to generate power is much higher than any other source of energy. This sustainable energy allows us to harness it in 3 ways i.e. wave, tidal or ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). Tides have immense power which when effectively tapped can generate a lot of energy and can be used to power millions of homes.


On the other hand, there are the rivers or waterfalls whose energy of the moving water is captured that can turn turbines to generate power. This is commonly known as hydroelectric power. It is very common nowadays and it is powering most parts of the world and one of the biggest forms of alternative energy currently being used.


Geothermal energy allows us to fetch energy from beneath the earth. This occurs by installing geothermal power stations that can use the heat coming out from inside the earth and use it to generate electricity. The temperature below the earth around 10,000 meters is so high that it can be used to boil water. Geothermal energy cannot be harnessed everywhere as the high temperature is needed to produce steam that could move turbines.

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