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Rechargeable Prismatic Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Large capacity batteries
  • Slim design/lightweight
  • Excellent charge/discharge characteristics
  • Different sizes available
  • Better life than lead-acid batteries

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Custom Prismatic Lithium Ion Batteries

Prismatic Lithium Ion batteries are increasingly being used in the portable equipments and instruments. NuEnergy storage technologies is renowned suppliers of the Li-ion batteries with large capacity, high performance and complete safety.

We have certified designers and engineers who are proficient in rendering prismatic li-ion rechargeable batteries. If you have any industry-specific requirements, you can get in touch and place a custom-order.

Salient Features -

    • High capacity batteries with high Energy Density
    • Contamination free energy
    • up to 10 times more life than lead-acid batteries
    • No memory effect
    • Excellent charge/discharge characteristics
    • Wide discharging temperature range
    • Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Packaged electrodes in welded aluminum housings.
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Available in standard industry sizes
  • Safety characteristics include protection from short-circuits, thermal shocks, penetration and explosions
  • High-quality product at compelling prices
  • High power efficiencies
  • Slim Design

Pack More Energy in Cells

Employing prismatic lithium ion batteries for your electronic device ensures more energy storage within their volumes, making the device more powerful without enlarging their footprints or forms.

Better Thermal Characters

Working with prismatic construction produces better thermal characteristics. This means that it requires less cooling per energy unit compared to other construction types.

Higher Storage Capacity

Prismatic cells can retain a high percentage of their storage capacity. They are more suitable for applications where power is regularly drawn down completely and charged back up.

Get Full Service Support

We provide futuristic energy storage solutions. We are the leading suppliers with two decades of Experience with lithium ion cells and battery pack designs that are efficiently proffered to our global clientele base.

Variations & Different Applications

Whatever variations you want with your prismatic lithium ion batteries whether anodes, cathodes, storage configurations, chemistries, battery strengths or design variations, we can supply you the same.

Plan, Design & Get Delivered

You can customize prismatic Lithium ion rechargeable batteries as per your needs. We have expertise in complete planning, design and production of custom battery packs.

Custom Pack Enclosures

We render soft packs, hard plastic, optimal size, voltage, capacity, and operating temperature & much more. Easily customize your rechargeable Lithium battery as per your industry requirements.

Get In Touch for Advanced Energy Storage Solutions From NuEnergy

Our products are available in latest designs and high-grade safety features, making them excellent for high-end applications. Most of our client base come from major industries like consumer, military, as well as automotive industries.

Whom We Serve: Global customers from USA, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, China & Hong Kong

If you have any queries related to our products, please use our contact form to send us a message, or call our Technical Sales at +1-512-675-3100 to get answers.