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High-Performance Cylindrical Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Lightweight Li-on batteries
  • High Performance
  • Eco-friendly designs
  • Safe & reliable
  • Available in different sizes

Over 20 years Industry Experience | Extensive Supplier Network | Advanced Technology Infrastructure | Global Operations

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Durable Cylindrical Lithium ion Batteries

From small to medium level applications, cylindrical lithium ion batteries are a reliable energy storage mediums.

NuEnergy Storage Technologies are the leading supplier of high quality, high performance and safe cylindrical lithium-ion cell products that can easily fit in many project cases.

Salient Features -

    • High energy density with Cylindrical Li-ion batteries
    • Lightweight cells that perfectly fit your device
    • Available in standard industry sizes
    • Have no memory effect
    • High working voltage for single battery cells
    • More than 95% power efficiency thermal shocks, penetration and explosions
    • High-quality product available at factory price


  • Environment-friendly (Contamination free energy)
  • Durability & Long lifecycle (up to 10 times more life than lead-acid batteries)
  • Good Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency
  • Complete safety and reliability with protection features for short-circuits,
  • Great consistency & can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles

Trusted Suppliers of Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Suppliers

We are known to render advanced energy storage technology that comes with a built-in battery management system. Our products are extracted from our extensive network of leading manufacturers of Lithium-ion batteries. At NuEnergy storage technologies, we offer a plethora of dynamic energy storage products to industrial clients.

Global Reach

Our Global customers list includes clients from  USA, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, China & Hong Kong.

Affordable Prices

NuEnergy provides the most cost-effective cylindrical lithium-ion battery solutions. The products are available at factory direct prices.

Quality Control

The lithium-ion cells supplied to our customers are processed under stringent quality controls before being dispatched for supply.

Extended Usage Time

We supply one of the world’s highest capacities lithium ion batteries for power tools. With increased capacities power tools can be used for longer time duration with same number of cells.

Powerful Product Line

We have the most extensive line of lithium ion batteries with different capacities that can be used in different power tools. We can also provide a cell according customer specifications.

Customer Care

We have a specialist team which deals with the supply of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries to our global customers, making sure that their demands are fulfilled in timely & professional manner

We Are A Full Service Agency

We have over two decades of experience with lithium ion cells and countless number of battery packs. Moreover, we have complete expertise in planning, designing and production of a high quality custom pack for our clients. If you have any queries pertaining to our production and logistics or you want to give a custom-order for the cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, please start a discussion with our technical team.

Fill your information in the contact form and send us your message, or call our Technical Sales at +1-512-675-3100.