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Energy Storage Solutions

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For over 20 years the team at NuEnergy has specialized in cutting edge rechargeable battery technology. We have developed direct relationships with the largest Asian manufactures to bring you a top quality product with consistent large volumes of high performance batteries. 

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Welcome to NuEnergy Storage Technologies

NuEnergy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of various high-performance Lithium-Ion batteries and energy storage technologies. Lithium-ion batteries as a power source are dominating in portable electronics, penetrating the electric vehicle market, and on the verge of entering the utility market for grid-energy storage.  Li-ion batteries have a number of important advantages over competing technologies including being much lighter, hold their charge longer, have no memory effect and can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.


20+ years in batteries promoting lithium ion cells


Direct relationships with the largest Asian lithium manufactures in the world with exclusive territory for North America since 2013.

Early Access

Exclusive early access to new technology and development roadmaps before they are released to the market.

Li-Ion Battery


NuEnergy is your Full Service Agency

From design to production to Logistics

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Engineering & Design

Over two decades of experience with lithium ion cells and countless number of battery pack designs enable us to have the expertise to plan, design and produce a high quality custom pack for our clients.

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Custom Pack Enclosures

Soft packs, hard plastic, optimal size, voltage, capacity, and operating temperature are just the beginning of customizing your rechargeable storage solution.

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Production & Logistics

Safety and Quality for the cornerstones of our production management. We handle the certifications (including samples to regulatory agencies), deadlines, testing, kitting, 3PL logistics, kitting, customs regulations and more.

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Global Operations


NuEnergy Global Operations

Energy Storage Solutions for the Future

20+ years in batteries promoting lithium ion cells

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Value Added Services


Global Bar Code Laser Learn More

Excellent Workmanship

No Black Point Accepted

State-of-the-Art equipment for laser welding, spot welding or wire bonding instead of soldering.

High Power Battery Pack Learn More

High Power Battery Pack

High Current Battery Tester, Advanced BMS Tester, 100% cell matching for cell balancing.

100A Finish Product Tester Employed!

Global Barcode Learn More

Unique Global Barcode

Laser Barcode

Our products are equipped with an Unique Global Bar Code.

Turn Key Pack Development

Safety Certifications: CE, UL, TUV

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Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries


E-Bike UPS AGV/Golf Cart PV Lighting PV System BTS, IDC
Rechargeable Batteries

Safety. Performance. Quality.

NuEnergy Rechargeable Batteries

Safety First

Multi-Safety Design
✓ Current Balancing
✓ Anti-thermal Runaway
✓ Protection Circuit (device)
✓ Communication


Top Tier Cell Suppliers
Cell Sorting and Balancing
Extend Pack Cycle Life
Material Reliability

High Energy Density

>300V Pack Designs
High Current Packs
Light Weight / Small Size

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